8 November

The people of Azerbaijan had been waiting for this day for 28 and a half years. For 28 years, we had lived with the burning desire to see the day when our beloved Shusha would be released from the enemy. The Great Day finally arrived. The people heard the historic news from their Leader:

Dear Shusha, you are free!

Dear Shusha, we are back!

Dear Shusha, we will revive you!

Shusha is ours! Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!


There has probably never been another such address to the people by a Leader that sounded so majestic, proud, and solemn in the entire history of Azerbaijan…


Before delivering the great news to the people, the Victorious Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and the First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva visited the Alley of Honour and the Alley of Martyrs. They paid their respects to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. They then commemorated the outstanding ophthalmologist and scientist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva. They laid flowers on the graves of the prominent statesman Aziz Aliyev and doctor and scientist Tamerlan Aliyev.

President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva proceeded to visit the Alley of Martyrs. They paid their respects to the heroic sons of our Motherland, who sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and laid flowers on their graves. President Ilham Aliyev laid a wreath in front of the Eternal Flame monument.

The head of our state then made the historic address to the people of Azerbaijan at the Alley of Martyrs.

‘Dear fellow countrymen, dear sisters and brothers!

It is with great pride that I declare that the city of Shusha has been liberated from occupation! Shusha is ours! Karabakh is ours! I heartily congratulate all the people of Azerbaijan on this occasion. I heartily congratulate all the people of Shusha.

Shusha, which was under occupation for 28 and a half years, has been liberated! Shusha is free now! We have returned to Shusha! We have won this historic victory on the battlefield. 8 November 2020 will forever remain in the history of Azerbaijan. This history will live forever. This is the day of our glorious victory!’ 

As the head of state said these words, people listening to him all over the country jumped out of their seats, cheering ‘Hurray!’, hugged each other in tears of joy, congratulating and celebrating.

Shusha was under occupation for 28 and a half years. Shusha has a special place in the history of Azerbaijan. This is our ancient and historical city. For centuries, Azerbaijanis have lived, built and created in Shusha. Shusha is a pearl not only of Azerbaijan but also of the entire Caucasus. However, by occupying Shusha, the hated enemy dealt a great blow to our cultural heritage, destroyed our historical sites, destroyed our mosques, and insulted us. We have now returned to Shusha. We will restore all our historical sites, and all our mosques and a call to prayer will be heard in Shusha again after 28 years. A few years ago, at the opening of a mosque built on my instructions in the Jojuq Marjanly settlement, which was liberated from occupation after the April 2016 fighting; I stated that this mosque was similar to the Shusha mosque. It is of the same size and architectural style. I said that one day we would restore our mosques destroyed by Armenian vandals in Shusha, and that day is coming. Today, the Azerbaijani flag is flying in Shusha. Today, all the people of Azerbaijan are proud to welcome this good news.’

It was no coincidence that the Victorious Commander-in-Chief delivered the news from the Alley of Martyrs. Saying that he once again bowed before our martyrs, the President stated that their blood is never spilt in vain:

‘The blood of the victims of Armenian atrocities, the victims of Khojaly, does not remain unavenged. We took our revenge on the battlefield. We have never fought against civilians; we did not do it this time either. Although the hated enemy has killed 93 and wounded more than 400 civilians with cowardly fire. But I said no, we are Azerbaijanis! We will take our revenge on the battlefield! We have destroyed their army, we have destroyed their equipment, and we are destroying and will destroy. We have and always will drive out the enemy!

Today, I also visited the grave of great leader Heydar Aliyev and paid my respects. I said in my heart, I am happy to have fulfilled my father's will. We have liberated Shusha! This is a great victory! The souls of our martyrs and the Great Leader are happy today! Rejoice, Azerbaijan! Rejoice, Azerbaijanis of the world!

These days I receive thousands of letters from Azerbaijanis around the world, from people living in Azerbaijan. I get thousands of letters every day. I just regret that I can't read them all. There is simply not enough time. What wonderful words, what great support! Today we prove to the whole world that we are a great nation, we are a proud nation! We are an invincible people! We show the enemy's place on the battlefield!

Giving this good news to the people of Azerbaijan on this historic day is perhaps one of the happiest days of my life.

Dear Shusha, you are free!

Dear Shusha, we are back!

Dear Shusha, we will revive you!

Shusha is ours! Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


As soon as the Head of State finished his speech, people took to the streets holding our flags proudly in their hands to celebrate this Great Victory. The entire country was enveloped in the joy of Victory.

Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan also congratulated our people on the liberation of Shusha from occupation. She posted about our historic victory:

‘At these very moments, all people of Azerbaijan are feeling indescribable pride and joy! Shusha has been freed from occupation! I convey my sincere congratulations to all our compatriots on this occasion!

Historical justice is served after years of sadness, longing, and tragic events! The bravery of a generation of heroes who defended our homeland and freed the ancient lands of Azerbaijan from occupation will go down in the history of Azerbaijan for eternity and will be forever etched into our memory!

The liberation of every inch of Azerbaijani land is possible by virtue of the heroism and bravery of our brave soldiers, their endurance and their determination to win! May our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our motherland rest in peace!

Dear brothers and sisters!

We have returned our Shusha! I once again congratulate all of you on this significant historical event!

May the unity of the people and the President, which is the foundation of our successes, achievements and our victories, grow stronger! This very unity allows Azerbaijan to demonstrate its might! Our President is able to successfully overcome all complicated issues thanks to the national solidarity, trust, confidence and support of our people! May the Almighty God protect our army, our people, our Motherland, and our President! Shusha is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


Azerbaijanis all over the world and our friends abroad also joined us in our celebrations. A grand ceremony was held in Beyazit Square in the centre of Istanbul to demonstrate the victory of the Azerbaijani Army, the announcement of the President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev on the liberation of Shusha from occupation and brotherly support to our country.


President of Türkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and our people on the liberation of Shusha, the beating heart of Karabakh. He announced in his speech at the Kojaeli Congress of the Justice and Development Party that Shusha was freed from occupation: ‘I congratulate on the occasion of Shusha victory. The joy of our Azerbaijani brothers is our joy. The liberation of Shusha shows that the liberation of other occupied lands is also imminent’, he said.

The newly built Chamlija Tower in Istanbul was illuminated with the colours of the Azerbaijani and Turkish flags.


Azərbaycan Ordusunun sentyabrın 27-də işğalçı Ermənistan silahlı qüvvələrinə qarşı başladığı əks-hücum əməliyyatında əldə etdiyi möhtəşəm qələbələr haqqında bundan sonra kitablar yazılacaq, filmlər çəkiləcək. Amma indidən tam əminliklə deyə bilərik ki, cəbhə uğurlarımızın ən başlıca səbəbi Prezident, Ali Baş Komandan İlham Əliyevin həyata keçirdiyi güclü dövlət, güclü ordu strategiyası, milli birlik və döyüşçülərimizin ruh yüksəkliyi idi.