5 October

What they wrote to the President

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev continues to receive more letters.

We would like to present some of them:

‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I express my gratitude to You as our army successfully progresses in the battles to liberate the occupied lands of Azerbaijan and rid them of the enemy. This has been possible thanks to You.

I proudly declare that I, as a citizen of Azerbaijan, am always ready to fulfill my sacred duty to my state and Motherland and have volunteered to join the battles at the frontline. They have not yet accepted me due to my old age.

Mr. Commander-in-Chief, please issue an order for me to join the Army. We always stand by You, ready to fight at any time. Thank You for everything. Long live our victorious Army!

With regards,

Fazil Safikhanov Aziz oghlu

Ganja, Republic of Azerbaijan.’


‘Dear President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

Thank You for the joy we have experienced as we heard of the liberation of Jabrayil from Armenian oppression after twenty-seven years.

We, the people of Jabrayil, support Your visionary policy. Let Your orders and decisive position lead us from one victory to another.

We are confident that our Army will author glorious victory under Your command.

Dear Commander-in-Chief, we, the people of Jabrayil, await Your order, as we declare that we are always ready to fight for our country. Long live independent Azerbaijan!

With regards,

Rauf Musayev Musa oghlu

Boyuk Marjanli Village, Jabrayil, Republic of Azerbaijan.’


‘Dear Mr. President,

Our dear land, Jabrayil, has been liberated from Armenian invaders thanks to Your policy. We would like to express our deepest gratitude on behalf of our family, the people of Guyjak village, and all residents of Jabrayil.

We eagerly await the day we can return to our homeland, which has been under enemy occupation for 27 years, breathe the air of that heavenly land, and drink the waters of those icy springs once again.

You have bestowed fresh breath, new spirit upon us.

We are proud of You and all our valiant soldiers.

May Allah protect You and our soldiers.


Gultakin Makhsudova Sayez gizi,

IDP from Jabrayil

Yasamal region, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.’


‘Dear Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

Highly inspired by the historical days we have been witnessing, I, a schoolgirl, took it upon myself to write a letter to you.

The liberation of Jabrayil has been a great source of joy for all of us. I would like to let you know that the unceasing provocations by Armenia do not concern the city of Ganja. We, on the contrary, are in high morale. Azerbaijan has become a powerful state that can make a statement in the world thanks to You. We support all of Your initiatives and always will.

The time for justice has come. The valiant Azerbaijani Army has become the partisan of truth and justice. Karabakh has become their life purpose. It is most natural that the mercenaries on the Armenian side are not capable of defeating the Azerbaijani soldier who is burning with longing for the Motherland. The blood, thousands of our martyrs have shed, should be avenged. The tears of martyrs’ mothers must not be for nothing. Their souls will rest in peace only after the lands they became martyrs for are recovered.

Turkey and Pakistan, our brother states and peoples, have become our haven of moral support. My gratitude to them knows no end.

I thank You on behalf of my family for being our president. With You our successes and triumphs are endless, and the Azerbaijani Army is always victorious. Karabakh is ours. Karabakh is Azerbaijan.


Ganira Rzazade Gabil gizi

10th grade student, school 32

Ganja, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

God bless you. May God grow the number of countries that support us and of our righteous friends like Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

You have once again confirmed the trust our people have always had in You. As a son of a martyr, I support Your decisive stance on liberating our lands from Armenian occupation and declare that I am ready to sacrifice my life for Your policy on recovering our territories.

Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!


Vusal Musali

IDP from Kalbajar

Ganja, Republic of Azerbaijan’

‘Dear Mr. President,

We have been looking forward to the liberation of our lands for the longest of time. As an educator, I can confidently say that we are a stone’s throw away from Victory thanks to Your successful policy. For this, I am grateful to You and our glorious army. I congratulate You and our people on the victories over the enemy.

Long live the invincible Azerbaijani Army and our Supreme Commander-in-Chief! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!


Gulnara Majlumova Aghayar gizi

Guba, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Our dear, honorable Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We congratulate You on the liberation of more and more territories from the enemy and our proud victories due to Your phenomenal leadership. We are confident that we will soon celebrate complete victory. The entire nation, every one of us, stands by You. We are ready to fight to the last drop of our blood to liberate our homeland and we have all applied as volunteers to the front.

Dear President, you are writing glorious pages in the history of our state and people as a skilled leader. The glorious war under Your brave leadership will free our homeland from the enemy and become a worthy historical response to all the hateful conduct of the Armenians and the aggressive policy they have been leading toward us for the last 200 years.

We wish you success in your cause of justice, our dearest leader, in these times of global socio-political challenges.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan! Victory is ours! We trust our leader wholeheartedly and declare that we always stand by You.

We are proud of You and our valiant Army.


Sanan Amirov Rashid oghlu

Minikend Village, Lachin, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the staff at Alpout Village secondary school in Barda, we are writing to declare that we always stand by and support You on this glorious path of victory.

May the Almighty protect You, our army, and our people.

Azerbaijan is a fortunate country to have such a strong army and a visionary Commander-in-Chief.

Dear President, our biggest desire is to move forward toward victory with You and our army. We believe that we will recover our occupied lands soon and our tricolour flag will proudly undulate over Karabakh thanks to You and our valiant Army.


Sevinj Bahadurlu,

Garana Village, Barda, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dearest Mr. President,

We, the youth of Tovuz, wholeheartedly approve and support Your counter-attack order to our glorious Army, our heroic soldiers to liberate Karabakh from the enemy. Each one of us is ready to join the battles as Your soldiers against the hated enemy.

Mr. Commander-in-Chief, we, the youth of Tovuz, are ready to participate in the liberation of our dear Karabakh, which has been under enemy occupation for almost 30 years. We want to join the fight under Your strong policy, steadfast will, and supreme leadership. We wish the best of success to our army.


Ramin Galandarov Ramiz oghlu

Tovuz, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear President, Mr. Commander-in-Chief,

We express our deepest gratitude for the joy of new victories You have been delivering to us with God’s help in our army’s fight under Your wise Leadership for the liberation of our lands from occupation. We congratulate you wholeheartedly.

This viсtory is a clear illustration of your wise and informed policy and foresight. We have put our trust in You as the Commander-in-Chief in our struggle for justice.

The euphoria of victory has given us all tears of joy. Even as I write this letter, I continue to hear endless joyful news of triumph.

As a son of my Motherland, I look impatiently forward to your order to sacrifice my life and blood for freedom. May God always bless and protect You.

We stand by You. Our Motherland, Azerbaijan, is one. And we live under the slogan of ‘Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’.


Elvin Guliyev

Sarkhanli Village, Sharur, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

Our hearts have been filled with pride these days. There are no words to express my joy, so much so that I cannot hold back the tears.

You are our wise and visionary Leader. Our people stand united by You and put their trust in You. Victory is ours.

Dear Supreme Commander-in-Chief, our glorious army will fly our holy tricolour flag, God willing, in Karabakh under Your command. We are elated by the victory of our army. We are deeply grateful to You for bestowing upon us this determination and joy of victory.

I wish You, Azerbaijan, and our glorious army greater success and victories. God bless You. May God protect You, our people, and our army.


Samir Khanaliyev Vagif oghlu

Shamakhi, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dearest Mr. President,

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces has been exhilarating our people with their outstanding success. We, Azerbaijanis all over the world, are confident that our army will completely liberate all our lands from occupation under Your leadership. We wish success to our glorious Army, the harbinger of victory on this holy road.

May God bless You with long life and good health. We stand by You. May God protect You.


Samir Rahimov

Zagatala, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

Your decisive, wise, and courageous policy has always led the people of Azerbaijan to a successful future and bright victory. We, the youth of Gazakh, stand united around You and our army. We support every step You take for the bright future of our nation. We are eagerly waiting for the good news on the unequivocal liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh, the ancient and historical land of Azerbaijan, and the adjacent 7 surrounding regions under Your leadership.

Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, You will go down in history as the commander who ensured the territorial integrity of independent Azerbaijan and recovered Nagorno-Karabakh. I am sure that future generations will come across this phrase in the textbooks on the latest history. We are grateful to You for allowing us, the youth of Azerbaijan, to experience these historical moments. We are proud of You. God Almighty protect You.


Ulvi Zeynalov

Gazakh, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

We stand with You in the battles for Karabakh. We would like to let You know that we fully support Your policy and every step You take.

Mr. Commander-in-Chief, our Army draws strength from Your political will and love for the nation, as they continue the successful operations and pen true victories on the battlefield. I am confident that more victories will follow, and we will continue our struggle until our lands have been rid of the last Armenian soldier.

I am grateful to You for every step You have taken and every success You have achieved.

Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!


Khalid Aliyev Khanlar oghlu

Sugovushan Village, Sabirabad, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Mr. Commander-in-Chief,

Our Army, under Your command, is finally ending the 30 years’ long occupation, liberating Azerbaijani lands from the treacherous enemy. Our valiant soldiers are truly writing a new history.

The entire nation stands united as a fist in Your support and is proud of You. We support your visionary policy and appreciate every step you take. God willing, our tricolour flag will soon undulate in our liberated regions and villages.

I am grateful to You on behalf of myself and my family. We always stand by You.

May God bless you with long life and good health.


Givami Javadov Yadulla oghlu

Sumgait, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

Our hearts have been beating with pride and joy for the past week as our army is liberating our lands inch by inch from the treacherous, invading, hateful Armenians, who have kept our lands under occupation for 30 years, stalling through false peace negotiations with their partners, but never thought of returning our lands under any conditions. It is like we are being reborn, forgetting the pain we have been through. We believe that this victory march will go to the very end. Your speeches, the wise, logical, and strict answer You give them, and their patrons have convinced us so. Believe us when we say that the entire nation has great morale. No hardships or future deprivations can break that. Our people will be grateful to You all their lives. We wish victory to the glorious Azerbaijani army and our nation under Your leadership. We live with confidence that our tricolour flag will be raised in all our occupied regions and villages.


David Nasibov, docent at Azerbaijan Technical University

Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘My dear President,

I am 9 years old. I am a 4th-grade student in School 11 in Sheki. I have been playing chess since I was 5. Despite being only 9, I have raised our glorious flag 4 times in world and European championships.

My family and I have been following our triumphant marches in Karabakh every day with tears of joy. Inshallah, our beautiful flag will shortly undulate in our Karabakh and the 7 adjacent regions. I have full faith in that.

My father turns 34 today. The liberation of Sugovushan became the greatest birthday gift. For this, we thank You and our soldiers.

We, the athletes, stand by You in this rightful fight. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

We are confident that we will recover our lands under Your command.


Yusif Kerimli Elshad oghlu

Sheki, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

I heartily congratulate You on our success at the frontline. I wish you greater achievements on this honourable and righteous path.

You are our source of strength and pride. It is the product of your tireless efforts that the mighty Azerbaijani Army has been performing its duty with such dignity.

The people of Azerbaijan are proud of You and stand by You.

I would like to ask the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan to grant you the title of ‘National Hero of Azerbaijan’, as we liberate our lands.

I congratulate You and all our people once again.


Akif Nasirov Aghababa oghlu

Boladi Village, Lankaran, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

I would like to first declare that I am proud of You as a citizen of Azerbaijan. Today is my birthday and You have given me the greatest gift – You have liberated Jabrayil. For this, I am grateful to You and our army.

We have always supported Your successful domestic and foreign policy. The people of Azerbaijan always stand by You. We are looking forward to more good news from You soon.

Long live Azerbaijan, long live the Azerbaijani Army!

Long live the people of Azerbaijan!


Anar Guliyev Veli oghlu

Mingachevir, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

I am grateful to You for the successful operations carried out by our army against the Armenian fascists and Your wonderful speeches.

We seem to have arrived after a long winding road. The outstanding organization of the army and Your decisive position have now bestowed Karabakh upon us. God willing, our beautiful tricolour flag will undulate in Shusha. May God protect You.


Rovshan Abbasov Fakhraddin oghlu

Ganja, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President, honourable Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I congratulate You, Ms. Mehriban Aliyeva, and the Azerbaijanis all over the world on the liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh and the adjacent regions, our historical lands, and inseparable parts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, from the enemy.

I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to You as the Sole leader and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of all Azerbaijanis for the victories You have gifted us in this holy and righteous fight.

Your policy is the worthy continuation of the work laid by the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, Heydar Aliyev, and the only one that will lead Azerbaijan to a brighter future.


Alirza Husseinov Rza oghlu,

Garatapa Village, Sabirabad, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

The victories we have been securing in the fight for recovering our ancestral lands under Your command since 27 September make us all proud as citizens and have inspired us, even more, to unite around You and to work even harder and more carefully.

We pray to God Almighty for good health and patience for You in Your struggle day and night. We always have and will stand by You in support in all Your tactical moves as a commander. We are ready to fulfill all your orders as ordinary soldiers.

We support everything You do to restore the territorial integrity and ensure economic prosperity in Azerbaijan, entrusted to You by our National Leader Heydar Aliyev. We are proud if we can be a drop in the sea of all Your actions. The joy of victory and recovery of our ancient lands have given us more zeal to live and create. This has inspired us to work harder and unite as a fist around You.

We are grateful to You and Ms. Mehriban Aliyev for your struggle in restoring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and your hard work in developing our statehood and economy. We wish You good health and long life from God Almighty.

We are ever grateful. We are confident that you know that we are stronger with You. Thank You very much.


Rashad Abdulla

Shirvan, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Our Dearest President Ilham Aliyev,

My children have been eager to write to You for several days, overjoyed with the successes we have achieved at the frontline. I had promised them to write to You on the day of victory.

But as today I talked to my parents who live in Ganja, I felt it my duty to write to You to convey the trust and confidence they have in You, our President.

Our dearest President, I would like to express my trust in You and our army and convey my children’s heartfelt words. My daughter Dunay has asked me to note how much she welcomed and felt inspired by your speech on the ‘Russia 1’ channel and that she always stands by You.

My eldest son, my warlord named Atilla, is looking forward to the day when our flag undulates in Khankendi, the city of Khans.

My ten-year-old son Altay dreams of becoming Your soldier even at his young age.

We support You and our Glorious Army!

My heart, my soul, my glory, my honour,

I burn with your love, my Azerbaijan!


Sevda Abuzarli Zakir gizi and children

Nizami Region, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

I support You sincerely and wholeheartedly as a young citizen. I am delighted with the good news delivered thanks to the wise decisions You have made. We have full faith and trust in You. The recovery of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is the result of Your visionary strategy and wise political decisions. I would like You to know that we, the youth of Azerbaijan, always stand by Your in support. Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!


Khajai Gafarova

Balaken, Republic of Azerbaijan’


‘Our dear President, Mr. Commander-in-Chief,

The people of Azerbaijan always stand by You in the fight against the occupants. The worthy response our army has been giving to the enemy fills our hearts with pride, like all Azerbaijanis.

Mr. President, two of my children are currently at the frontline. My eldest son was wounded at the April Battles but is fighting for the freedom of our lands once again. You are leading us in this righteous cause. And the cause of justice will always prevail.

I wish You and the people of Azerbaijan newer victories. May God be with You and our army in this just war. People and Army always stand together because we are stronger together.


Mail Husseinov Shukur oghlu,

Amankend Village, Bilasuvar, Republic of Azerbaijan’


Azərbaycan Ordusunun sentyabrın 27-də işğalçı Ermənistan silahlı qüvvələrinə qarşı başladığı əks-hücum əməliyyatında əldə etdiyi möhtəşəm qələbələr haqqında bundan sonra kitablar yazılacaq, filmlər çəkiləcək. Amma indidən tam əminliklə deyə bilərik ki, cəbhə uğurlarımızın ən başlıca səbəbi Prezident, Ali Baş Komandan İlham Əliyevin həyata keçirdiyi güclü dövlət, güclü ordu strategiyası, milli birlik və döyüşçülərimizin ruh yüksəkliyi idi.