6 October

What they wrote to the President

President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev continues to receive letters.

We would like to present some of them:

‘Dear Mr. President,

As a representative of the Russian community, who has been living in Azerbaijan for many years, I will support Your persistent struggle for our lands until the very end. I look forward to the recovery of our lands that have been under enemy occupation for thirty long years.

Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, it is by virtue of Your hard work and ceaseless efforts that we have been receiving news of victory every day. I am proud to have such a strong-willed Commander-in-Chief and an invincible army. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to You for allowing us to experience true history in the making.

Mr. President, my heart beats in unison with the Azerbaijani Army. The pain of all mothers of soldiers is my pain, their joy is mine. Dear President, I am proud of You. May God protect You and the people of Azerbaijan on this path of justice!

Yekaterina Mammadova, Sumgait, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

Our family has been displaced from our native lands many times. We were forced to displace from Daralayaz district in the mid-20th century and from Kalbajar in 1993.

Our family welcomes Your current position. Your wise policy is highly appreciated both globally and locally in Azerbaijan. May God bless You in this righteous path.

I would like to express our support on behalf of myself and our family.

Mr. President, when I was on the Umrah pilgrimage in Mecca in 2008, I took Your photo along and placed it on the House of God and prayed for You. God willing, my prayers will be heard.

God bless You. May God protect Your family.

May God be with you on this challenging path.

May the Azerbaijani flag undulate on our liberated lands soon.

Hadiyya Balajayeva, Baku, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

As our National Leader and globally celebrated politician Heydar Aliyev returned to lead the country upon popular demand after the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he managed to achieve a ceasefire regime thanks to his visionary policy. The democratic reforms he implemented for the development of the domestic economy turned Azerbaijan into a leader in the South Caucasus and a country, that could stand its ground in the international political arena. We thus managed to cement our statehood, and ensure national security and socio-economic progress in Azerbaijan.

As the National Leader Heydar Aliyev substantially altered Azerbaijan’s foreign policy, our partnerships with Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, and the USA gave an impetus to launch a qualitatively new stage in Azerbaijan’s relations with other countries. Bilateral cooperation built on a solid foundation has deepened our relations with those states.

Turkey is currently our most reliable ally. Azerbaijan-Turkey relations contribute to establishing peace and security in the region and the world.

Dear Mr. President, it is the result of Your rational and balanced foreign policy that Azerbaijan, an internationally reputable country and leading state in the South Caucasus, was elected a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council as per the results of anonymous voting at the plenary session of the UN General Assembly.

During Your leadership of the Republic of Azerbaijan, our country has strengthened its positions in the global media landscape, actively resisted the information war waged by the Armenian diaspora, lobby, state, and its patrons against our country, and has even gained the upper hand as of recent. As our international reputation is boosted, it also opens new doors for us to convey the truths of Azerbaijan to the international community.

Honourable Mr. President, as the Armenian separatists targeted the Azerbaijani Army and our civilians and once again violated the negotiations as of 27 September, our nation has welcomed with great morale Your decision to teach a lesson to the Armenian vandals and liberate our lands from occupation. The sons of our Motherland are prepared to die for freedom. I am personally ready to fight the Armenian vandals. We stand in support by You on this path until the last drop of our blood.

You were perfectly right when you said there was no turning back. We gave them enough chances for 30 years. Your accurate and steadfast stance in your interview to Russia-1 TV channel once again clarified for the entire world that the Armenians were in the wrong.

Mr. President, we wish You and our Glorious Army newer successes on the way to restoring our territorial integrity. The blood of our martyrs will be avenged by our National Army under Your command.

Long live Azerbaijan! Long live Ilham Heydar oghlu Aliyev!

Rashad Gasimov, Bilasuvar, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the people of Udi, I heartily congratulate You and all people of Azerbaijan on the liberation of Jabrayil from Armenian invaders. We hope and believe that we will recover the entire Karabakh.

The national minorities in Azerbaijan have always lived as a family in peace and tolerance. We have always gotten along excellently. The entire world has witnessed it and recognizes Azerbaijan as a country with tolerant and multicultural values. The only ones we cannot get along with are our infamous neighbours, the Armenians, because of their insidious intentions. They have always impinged upon the wealth, property, and land of others. Driving them out of our lands is the best solution.

Mr. President, I wish you victory in Karabakh.

Ayvver Nasibov, Gabala, Azerbaijan’


‘Our dearest President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We, the staff of Araz Amilov secondary school 1 in Dash Salahli village, Gazakh, are proud of the successes our valiant soldiers have been achieving under your determined leadership. We are eternally grateful. We are confident that we will win the greatest victory soon thanks to Your steadfast command and the unyielding will and bravery of the Azerbaijani Army. May God protect You.

Soylu Khalilova, Gazakh, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

You are the most educated, patriotic, and visionary head of state in the world.

I thank You on behalf of all the people of Aghjabadi. We, the population of Aghjabadi, have also been subjected to heavy artillery attacks by the enemy as of recent. However, we are not scared, because we have a brave and proud commander like You and a valiant Army, burning with love for the Motherland and protecting us.

I wish You good health. May God protect our Army. May God protect You and all Turkic nations. A Turk has no friend but a Turk.

Chingiz Husseinov, Aghjabadi, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

My family, relatives, friends, and I were elated with your address to the nation, your congratulatory message to the people of Jabrayil and of all Azerbaijan on the liberation of Jabrayil, known for its rich ancient history, outstanding scientists, and statesmen. Thank You very much. May God always give You strength and determination.

May God grant the people of Azerbaijan the joy of the great Victory. God bless You.

Vidadi Khalilov, Baku, Azerbaijan’


‘The proud, brave, and irreplaceable Commander-in-Chief of his people,

We applaud Your bravery with all our being. You are writing heroic history. The souls of our National Leader Heydar Aliyev and our martyrs can finally rest in peace. The joy of victory has touched the hearts of the Azerbaijani people and left an indelible mark for centuries to come.

May our National Leader find a resting home in heaven for gifting the people of Azerbaijan a bright sun through You. We have the right to be proud of You. We are connected to You with all our being. God bless You. May God protect You from the provocations of the enemy and the evil eye.

Shola Suleymanova, Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We have recovered a part of our lands from occupation thanks to the successful operations conducted by our Army under Your command. We congratulate You and our people on this occasion.

Dear Mr. President, we are proud of You. We are confident that our valiant army will shortly liberate all our lands from occupation under Your leadership.

Dear Mr. President, we, IDPs from Gubadli, support Your foreign and domestic policy and stand in Your support. We wish you more success in all the hard work You do for the welfare of our people.

May God protect You and Your family.

Avaz Hasanov, Sumgait, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

I am proud of You as are all the people of Azerbaijan. May God grant You long life and good health.

We appreciate and support Your successful domestic and foreign policy. You are our source of pride.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime feeling to see the joy in your eyes as You delivered us the news of the victories achieved by the Azerbaijani Army. May God always keep that joy in Your eyes.

My family and I wish you even greater success on this righteous path.

Ilgar Chelebiyev, Oghuz, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

We have all been feeling extremely proud at hearing the news of our courageous army recovering a part of our native lands from the enemy occupation. We are deeply grateful to You and declare that we stand by You on this righteous path.

We believe that You will soon deliver the news of the liberation of Shusha. I wish You and all our people the delight of Victory.

May God protect You and Your family. God bless You, Mr. Commander-in-Chief!

Sevda Hashimova, Baku, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

As you proudly pronounced ‘Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’ at Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russian Federation, the slogan is now being carried out by our victorious Army. The successive recovery of our occupied territories from the Armenian bandits is the product of your purposeful and visionary policy.

Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I want to assure you that we, the youth of Shamkir, are inspired by the victories of our Army and are always ready to join the battles.

Long live independent Azerbaijan! Long live our Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

Ilkin Musayev, Shamkir, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

The occupation of our lands by Armenian usurpers had been waning the patience of the people and government of Azerbaijan for many years.

I support and applaud your domestic and foreign policy aimed at returning our occupied territories, thus restoring our territorial integrity. I am looking forward to the news of Victory.

Regardless of political affiliation, everybody stands united around You today.

The path You are on is the one of justice. We cannot wait to hear the news of the liberation of Karabakh.

You are a source of pride for our people. God bless you.

Maharram Orujov, Fuzuli, Azerbaijan’


‘My dear President, Mr. Ilham Aliyev,

I congratulate You and our triumphant army on the victories we have won and for that I express my deepest gratitude to You.

Believe me when I say that every news of victory lifts me to the heavens. The recovery of Sugovushan and the end of 27 years’ longing for Jabrayil have become the harbingers of our future triumphs.

History has always produced brave men and women, those who are now writing that very history. You, my dear President, are writing the glorious history of Turks today.

May God always protect You and our courageous men in the trenches. God willing, we will soon hear the news of the liberation of Karabakh, the pearl of the Caucasus.

We trust and believe in You and our lion-hearted heroes. God bless You.

Sabina Alizade, Ganja, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

The people of Azerbaijan are a heroic nation, a nation that has raised patriotic sons like You. Your decisive speeches make every Azerbaijani proud. Each one of us is ready to die for the integrity of our lands.

We are confident that the heroic Azerbaijani Army will triumph and raise our tricolour flag in our native Karabakh.

Karabakh is ours, Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

Safar Ramazanov, Zagatala, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

I express my deepest gratitude on behalf of the youth of Goychay for the successful policy You have been pursuing to recover our territories.

Mr. President, we have been overjoyed and proud to hear the news of the liberation of our occupied territories these past days.

We hope that our glorious army will soon win a victory over the hated enemy and recover our occupied lands.

Long live Azerbaijan! Long live the Azerbaijani Army!

Orkhan Aslanov, Goychay, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

We would like to express our deepest gratitude and extend our congratulations on behalf of numerous members of the public association for people with disabilities, veterans of the Karabakh War and martyr families, and the people of Jabrayil.

Your leadership has allowed us to truly safeguard our territorial integrity and liberate our territories. We wish all our soldiers and officers and Yourself as their commander good health, strong will, and a victory that will elate all our people.

We are proud to have a head of state like You and that our future lies in safe hands.

We congratulate You once again on behalf of the veterans, who have sacrificed their lives and health for the Motherland. God willing, we will meet you in Jabrayil and cut a sacrificial animal at your feet.

May God protect You.

Sabuhi Husseinov, Jabrayil, Azerbaijan’


‘Dear Mr. President,

Our people are elated with joy and enthusiasm as our Army prevents military provocations of the Armenian armed forces, inflicts crushing blows on the enemy and forges a true victory.

We thank You for giving out the order to the Azerbaijani Army to recover our occupied territories.

We believe that the Azerbaijani Army under Your leadership will soon raise our tricolour flag in every corner of our dear Karabakh.

May God protect You and our people!

Alikhan Babayev, Shamakhi, Azerbaijan’


The President of Azerbaijan also receives letters from Türkiye.

Mumin Kivanj writes from Istanbul:

‘Dear Mr. President,

I am proud of Azerbaijan that I have considered my homeland for many years, the country where I started a family. I am proud of the Azerbaijani passport my adopted son proudly carries. For this, I am grateful to You.

I would like You to know that all people of Azerbaijan are fighting for our Motherland Karabakh now under Your leadership.

We are ready to extend You and the people of Azerbaijani all the help we can, as we are grateful for the hospitality and eternal brotherhood of the great Azerbaijani nation, who has always seen us as their own.

May God help the Azerbaijani Army on this path.

Long live Azerbaijan, Long live Türkiye!’


Rovshan Bardukhanov writes from Ankara:

‘Dear Mr. President,

We would like to convey our greetings and express our deepest respect to You as the FDI Group high military technologies company, operating in several countries of the world.

We support Your battle against the Armenian fascists as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Azerbaijan, wish You to continue the successful operations launched in Karabakh, and believe that all occupied Azerbaijani lands will soon be recovered.

We at the FDI GROUP would be honoured to employ all our potential and technological capabilities to stand by our Glorious Army and avenge our martyred brothers against the Armenian usurpers.

Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, we remain at Your command and are ever ready to stand by You.

May God protect You and the people of Azerbaijan. The people are with You and the victory is with You.

We, the Azerbaijanis living in Türkiye and the great Turkish nation, are always by Your side.’


Eldar Aliyev and others write from St. Petersburg in Russia:

‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We heartily congratulate You and all our people on the victories of the Azerbaijani Army under Your Command and the recovery of Jabrayil and adjacent villages.

We believe that the Azerbaijani Army will soon restore historical justice and ensure the territorial integrity of our Motherland under Your leadership!

Long live Azerbaijan! Long live our Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the victorious army of Azerbaijan under Your Command!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’ 

Azərbaycan Ordusunun sentyabrın 27-də işğalçı Ermənistan silahlı qüvvələrinə qarşı başladığı əks-hücum əməliyyatında əldə etdiyi möhtəşəm qələbələr haqqında bundan sonra kitablar yazılacaq, filmlər çəkiləcək. Amma indidən tam əminliklə deyə bilərik ki, cəbhə uğurlarımızın ən başlıca səbəbi Prezident, Ali Baş Komandan İlham Əliyevin həyata keçirdiyi güclü dövlət, güclü ordu strategiyası, milli birlik və döyüşçülərimizin ruh yüksəkliyi idi.