9 October

What they wrote to the President

President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev continues to receive letters from different corners of the country and Türkiye.

We present some of them:

From Kamran Aliyev, Tovuz, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

We express our deepest gratitude and love to You for Your determination, courage, and selfless efforts for the rightful cause of the Azerbaijani people. We are proud to be living in a country led by You.

We are perfectly aware that You now have many concerns and worries, but we would like to let You know that everyone in this country, 7 to 70, stands united around You.

We had been waiting for the recovery of our occupied lands for 30 years and we have now started the honourable path. Our people stand by You on this cause until the very end.

God willing, we will have Victory at the end of the road.

All our prayers remain with You and our heroic soldiers.’


From Nadir Ismayilov, Sumgait, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I am a living witness to the atrocious events committed by Armenians in the late 20th century. I have also been able to contribute to the prevention of this brutality by volunteering in the battles for the territorial integrity of our lands. Although I am wounded and disabled, I have been looking forward to the order to fight the enemy again to recover our occupied lands for years and I would like to express my deepest gratitude for giving us this opportunity. I am overjoyed. God bless You. I would like to inform You that I am ever ready to join the battles.

Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, we trust God in heaven and You on earth. Our courageous sons and brothers will soon raise the tricolour flag of Azerbaijan on the top of our beating heart, Khankendi and Shusha, and God Willing we will soon see our Motherland finally take a deep and easy breath, free from enemy claws.

Thank You very much, Mr. President. God bless You.’


From Mammadsafa Jabiyev, Astara, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

You are writing a page that will forever be etched into the annals of Azerbaijani history. It is a peak, conquered by no one until You.

Our 30 years’ longing for our native lands is finally ending thanks to Your visionary policy. We have been recovering every inch of our ancestral lands as our glorious army scores one victory after another, and raising our national flag in our native lands, occupied for so many years. This joy has been bestowed upon us by God in the heavens and You on earth, our dearest Mr. President. You have earned the name of the spiritual father of our nation in Your lifetime. We all stand by You.

Long live the President of Azerbaijan!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Mahabbat Rustamov, Gabala, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

You have spared no effort to peacefully return our lands, occupied for 30 years by the hateful enemy, who forcibly appropriated Nagorno-Karabakh, the beautiful corner of our dear Azerbaijan, and the adjacent regions. We are the living witnesses of Your efforts. However, the enemy was not in want of peace. They operated with a desire to make us forget our holy lands.

We rejoiced at Your order to counterattack on 27 September. Even the students at our school are ready to join the army ranks and fight voluntarily.

You have once again proved that You are the courageous leader of the Azerbaijani people in these hard days of war. We are grateful to God for having a strong, wise, great politician like You as our President, who loves his people. The achievements of our army are the product of Your visionary domestic and foreign policy. The people of Azerbaijan rely on You.

God bless the President of Azerbaijan, our army, and our people. Amen.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Shamila Mammadova, Baku, Azerbaijan

Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We, a family of a martyr, are immensely proud of the successes we have achieved in such a short period under Your command. The efforts You have put forward to end the thirty years’ longing for Karabakh will go down in history and be studied for centuries to come. The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Your thriving domestic and foreign policy has shaped a strong Army in Azerbaijan. We have no inkling of a doubt that our lands under occupation will soon be recovered from Armenian aggression due to Your policy, the strength of our army, and the support of our people. Victory belongs to Azerbaijan. We are proud of You as a worthy follower of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s policy.

Dear President, we have great trust in You and always stand by You. May God protect You, our people, and our army.’


From Ramil Aliyev, Ganja, Azerbaijan

‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

People and educators of Ganja support Your policy and have always trusted You. God willing, we will liberate our lands thanks to You and our army. We truly believe it. May God protect You and our army. We always stand by You. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Mehman Amiraslanov, Hajigabul, Azerbaijan

‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I, as an educator, fully support the steps You have taken as per the foreign and domestic policy You have pursued for many years to liberate the Azerbaijani lands from the hated enemy. All people of Azerbaijan do. We all truly believe that our tricolour flag with the moon and stars will soon undulate in Shusha, the symbol of invincibility and pride of our people, thanks to Your command and our glorious army. I consider it my duty of honour as a history teacher to tell my students about the heroic history of Azerbaijan we are writing right this minute thanks to You. Best of luck to You, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Gunash Aliyeva, Lankaran, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

The Karabakh region of our dear Azerbaijan has been under occupation for many years. I rejoice at Your order to recover our native lands after 27 years. All Azerbaijanis do. All of us support Your decisions and I would like to say that we all stand by You. May God help us on this difficult, yet honourable path. I have faith that You will soon announce the news of great victory to all the people of Azerbaijan, God willing. We are all eagerly waiting for that day. Long live the Azerbaijani soldiers! Long live Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief!’


From Tarkhan Khudiyev, Jabrayil, Azerbaijan

‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I am writing on behalf of the people of Guyjak, with a population of 805 people who own 218 farms, which has been liberated after 27 years of occupation thanks to Your triumphant policy and the bravery of the mighty Azerbaijani Army.

Guyjak is a village with centuries-long traditions, located in a beautiful spot in Karabakh. It used to have 700 residents in 170 houses before the Armenian occupation. Guyjak village secondary school has raised 34 professor and candidates of sciences. Our village had four martyrs in the First Karabakh War. Dozens of courageous young men are now fighting for the Motherland in the ranks of the victorious Azerbaijani Army.

Mr. President, we have many of those, who could not bear the longing for the Motherland and passed away during these years. All the villagers were overwhelmed with joy the moment You announced the recovery of Guyjak. The souls of the Guyjak residents who have now passed away finally rested in peace.

Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the population of 805 of Guyjak, who remain standing, are now Your Army. Every one of us, from seven to seventy, have Your and Great Leader’s names forever etched into our hearts.

We are all ever ready to join the ranks of the Azerbaijani Army anytime upon Your order. The people of Guyjak look forward to two things in this life: our flag undulating high in Shusha and our Supreme Commander-in-Chief being announced the National Hero of Azerbaijan as a victorious head of the Army.’


From Reyhana Garibova, Gabala, Azerbaijan

‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I have been deeply moved and proud of the recent happenings in our country. Our Army has been recovering our lost lands from occupation as per Your instructions and bestowing great joy of victory upon us all. I congratulate You and all people of Azerbaijan on this occasion.

I wish that our glorious Army returns all our lands that are still in the claws of the hated enemy and all our forcibly displaced compatriots reunite with their ancestral homes.

Mr. President, we all support You and trust Your visionary policy. We truly believe that You will soon convey the news of victory to the people of Azerbaijan, May God protect You and our soldiers!

Long live Azerbaijan, long live Karabakh!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Ilgar Guliyev, Bilasuvar, Azerbaijan

‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We are proud of You. We are proud that we have such a strong Army, who pens new victories every day. My brother is currently fighting on the frontline. I, too, want the honour of volunteering and fighting alongside my brothers in arms.

The day of expelling the hated enemy from our lands and triumphing over the Armenian fascists is drawing nearer. We are all looking forward to the moment You will proudly announce the news of victory.

God bless You and our valiant men fighting under Your command!’


From Nurida Babashova, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I salute You and thank You for recovering a part of Karabakh, the bleeding wound of Azerbaijan. God bless You. We have always trusted You and this trust has never been in vain.

I am ready to fight until the last drop of my blood as an Azerbaijani woman. Karabakh is and forever will be ours! The blood our martyrs have shed will be avenged. I offer my condolences to the families of martyrs and kiss their parents’ hands. I extend my arms to all children and wish the people of Azerbaijan great victory.’


From Turakhanim Gasimova, Absheron, Azerbaijan

‘Your Excellency, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

The 30 years’ longing is finally ending as per Your leadership. Azerbaijan reunites with its ancestral lands. Our joy has no limits!

I was one of the first members to join when the New Azerbaijan Party was newly founded and among those, who met the great leader Heydar Aliyev at the airport when he arrived in Baku from Nakhchivan. We have been lucky as a nation because God bestowed a genius like Heydar Aliyev upon us during the hardest test of history. You are now ensuring the recovery of our ancient lands by continuing his great policy.

The world was a witness to the state of Azerbaijan voicing its truths and rights. Thank God, we also lived long enough to see this historic moment.

The entire nation of Azerbaijan stands by You today. May God protect our people.

Long live Supreme Commander-in-Chief!’


From Tarana Karimova, Jabrayil, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

These days we are witnessing are the days of victory, the days when the mothers of martyrs finally find solace. I truly believe that our martyrs will be avenged.

I am the mother of martyr Ruhin Gahramanov Ashraf oghlu. Both my husband and my other son are now fighting in the trenches. I trust in You and our valiant soldiers.

I believe that our glorious flag will soon undulate in Shusha, on the Jidir plain.

I express my gratitude to You and our soldiers on behalf of all mothers of mothers. May God protect You and our soldiers.’


From Kamala Guluyeva, Absheron, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President,

I am an internally displaced person from Lachin. My heart rejoices as our native lands are recovered from under the enemy foothold.

God bless You, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Good willing, our heroic soldiers will raise the Azerbaijani flag in Lachin. It will be the greatest happiness for me.

We are stronger together! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Recep Gurkan and others, Edirne, Türkiye

‘Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

As the leaders of political parties in the Edirne Municipal Assembly, we condemn the 27 September attacks of the Armenian armed forces, targeting the civilian settlements and soldiers of Azerbaijan with heavy weapons in violation of the ceasefire and international law.

This attack and the Tovuz events have once again demonstrated that Armenia is the biggest obstacle in establishing lasting peace and stability in the region. We fully support Azerbaijan’s attempts to protect its people and restore territorial integrity within the right of self-defence as per international law.

Karabakh has been under Armenian occupation for 30 years. We, too, are in favour of a peaceful resolution of this unjust invasion in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the OSCE. However, it looked Azerbaijan was the only side that pursued a peaceful policy.

We encourage the international community to stand by Azerbaijan, which has suffered from Armenian occupation and attacks for many years. As political parties in our Municipal Assembly, we wish peaceful rest to our martyred Azerbaijani brothers, and healing to our veterans. We would like to declare the solidarity of our nation once again.’


Azərbaycan Ordusunun sentyabrın 27-də işğalçı Ermənistan silahlı qüvvələrinə qarşı başladığı əks-hücum əməliyyatında əldə etdiyi möhtəşəm qələbələr haqqında bundan sonra kitablar yazılacaq, filmlər çəkiləcək. Amma indidən tam əminliklə deyə bilərik ki, cəbhə uğurlarımızın ən başlıca səbəbi Prezident, Ali Baş Komandan İlham Əliyevin həyata keçirdiyi güclü dövlət, güclü ordu strategiyası, milli birlik və döyüşçülərimizin ruh yüksəkliyi idi.