7 October

What they wrote to the President

President of Azerbaijan, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev continues to receive more letters.

We present some of them:

From Khalida Ahmadova, Ismayilli, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

We have been returning to the lands we longed for thanks to your timely decisions and the courage of our army. On this, I congratulate You and would like to inform You that I will stand by all the decisions You make in the future. I thank You for all Your wise decisions and orders on behalf of the youth of Ismayilli.’


From Nargiz Rahimli, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Mr. President Ilham Aliyev,

Everybody is aware that our country has been developing constantly. We are now on the verge of a historic victory. All Azerbaijani people are overjoyed with pride. This has all become possible thanks to Your visionary policy. The Azerbaijani army is overcoming an arduous mission, which is an excellent illustration of your military planning expertise. We can now unapologetically say ‘Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’, for which I would like to thank You on behalf of my family and myself. I wish You and Your family a long life. May God protect You and all of Azerbaijan!’


From Sona Suleymanova, Gakh, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I am the mother of Namig Allahverdiyev Shukur oghlu, martyred on 15 September 1992 in the battles for Aghdara. Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I am elated, just like all Azerbaijanis, with the happy war tides and Your addresses to the nation on TV. As a mother of a martyr, I support and applaud Your position and determination to win. Mr. President, those lands our children spilled their blood for have been longing for our return for 30 years. You have paved the way to those lands. My biggest wish is to see Karabakh liberated and visit those lands our children died for. I want to kneel in front of the Children height in Aghdara, where my son was killed, and pray for the souls of our martyrs to rest in peace. Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I look forward to hearing you exclaim ‘Victory! Karabakh is Azerbaijan! Karabakh is ours!’ Amen, Inshallah.’


From Anar Rzayev, Aghjabadi, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I resolutely declare that I am proud of You. You have finally allowed us to keep our heads up proudly. For this, I am grateful to You. We have arrived at this day our people have longed for these past 30 years thanks to Your resolute position, political prowess, and courageous actions. Your domestic and foreign policy has ensured forming a strong Azerbaijani Army and growing its influence. We support the triumphant counter-offensive operation launched by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in retaliation to Armenia’s provocation and welcome the achievements of our soldiers with great pride and joy, like every other Azerbaijani. God willing, our Army will soon recover Karabakh from the hated enemy and will celebrate the Victory in our glorious Shusha, the Jidir Plain, and all our liberated lands. May God bestow a long healthy life upon You. I am immensely proud of You. May God protect our Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the people of Azerbaijan. Long live the Azerbaijani Army!’


From Vagif Mirzaliyev, Ganja, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,                                                       

You have given the timely order to launch a counter-offensive attack and restore the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in response to enemy provocation. All the people of Azerbaijan are ready to mobilize as Your soldiers on this sacred path.

Azerbaijan has historically been known for its brave sons and valiant warriors. There is no inkling of a doubt that Your name will go down in the history of Azerbaijan as ‘the determined Supreme Commander-in-Chief, who liberated Karabakh’.

May God Almighty always gives strength to your arms and wisdom to your words.’


From Zarniyar Ahmadova, Bilasuvar, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President!

History proves that the most important factor for every nation and state is a strong and wise leader. We have and still experience it in our independent Azerbaijan. Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief, we are deeply grateful to You for the joy of victory You have given us. Our triumphs have not been won merely by virtue of arms but as the logical result of Your visionary policy and high reputation globally. As an intellectual from Jabrayil, I cannot wait to deliver the news of the complete recovery of Karabakh to the children, our future. I congratulate You, our Army, and all people of Azerbaijan with the successes we have achieved. We are proud of You and our brave Army! Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Hafiz Tahirov, Fuzuli, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President!

We, the citizens of Azerbaijan, have been elated with the recent solid retaliation of the Azerbaijani Army against the provocations by the invading Armenians, the bravery our soldiers have been demonstrating in the intense battles and the liberation of our lands from the enemy’s claws inch by inch. The news of the Azerbaijani flag undulating in Madagiz, Jabrayil, and other residential areas has been a source of endless joy for us. The victories we have achieved are the product of Your successful leadership. We are all immensely proud of You. We are fortunate to have a president and Commander-in-Chief like You, a valiant commander of unique competence, a leader who has dedicated his entire life to providing the interests of his people and state. We are sure that all the steps You have taken for Azerbaijan, the Patriotic War launched for the liberation of our lands from the hateful enemy will fruit in historic victory, an example of glory for generations to come! God bless You! We always stand by You! Long live the glorious Azerbaijani Army! Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Alvina Husseinova, Balakan, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I am proud of You as a citizen. You have once again proven that Your biggest task is to protect our people and state. You have been hard at work, doing Your best to overcome all difficulties. Your decisive position will always lead Azerbaijan toward success. I thank You and am extremely proud of You for always standing by Your people through Your wise decisions. I hope to one day express my gratitude to You in person. As a nation and youth, we are extremely fortunate to have a leader like Yourself.’


From Kanan Melikov, Gusar, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

We have longed for Karabakh for many years. We could not rest easy while our lands were under enemy occupation. On behalf of the youth of Gusar, we declare that we do not want this war for justice to stop until the last inch of our lands is recovered.

The youth of Gusar supports the policy You pursue the territorial integrity of our country and stand by You. We are ever ready to fight for the freedom of our land at Your command. The souls of our martyrs call on us to be avenged.’


From Azizali Baghirov, Lankaran, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Mr. Commander-in-Chief,

The elders, intellectuals, and mothers of soldiers of Lankaran thank You for our victories in Karabakh.

We are confident that our lands will soon be recovered from the enemy and Azerbaijan’s tricolor flag will undulate in our occupied territories by virtue of Your leadership and the heroism of our glorious Army.

Karabakh is ours! Karabakh is Azerbaijan! Justice is on our side. May God grant us victory under Your leadership shortly.

We are confident that Your leadership will ensure a bright future for our dear Azerbaijan. The people of Lankaran support You and believe in the triumph of our valiant Army.

Despite my age, I am ever ready to join the battles. I am prepared to take up arms and depart to the frontline at Your command. May You always hold Your head up high!

Karabakh is ours, Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Mustafa Shirinov, Jabrayil, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I am overjoyed with the recovery of Jabrayil and several adjacent villages of the region from occupation as a result of the counter-offensive operation conducted by our Army under Your leadership. I express my deepest gratitude on behalf of myself and all people of Jabrayil for these feelings of joy.

I wish You and our valiant army more victories ahead on this path.

The day is drawing close when our lands will be completely liberated. I wish You luck and new achievements to our glorious Army on this path of justice.

I look forward to the day when our flag will undulate over the city of Shusha.’


From Mehman Mammadov, Aghjabadi, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We are writing the new history of our nation and state, and glorious history at that.

The people of Azerbaijan are restoring historical justice because Karabakh is our ancient historical land.

Our people stand by You in this fight for justice. God willing, the victory will be ours. God has bestowed it upon us thanks to You. All of us heartily shake Your hand and envelop You in a hug. Victory is ours!’


From Mahir Mammadov, Jabrayil, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

As a disabled Karabakh veteran, I congratulate You on restoring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and cleansing our occupied positions, which has happened by Your virtue.

I await your ‘Forward!’ order as a reserve soldier. Our country deserves glory and victory. We are confident that the blood of innocent babies and our people will not have been spilt in vain thanks to zealous sons like You. We congratulate You, all the people of Azerbaijan and the Turkish world on the victories we have won.

I am ever ready to proudly serve this land!’


From Ramazan Babayev, Zagatala, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

As a citizen of Azerbaijan, I am overjoyed with the courage of our Army, and the patriotism of our sons, valiantly liberating our lands from occupation. You officially announced to the world the will of the Azerbaijani people to liberate their lands, giving out the order to ‘Recover our lands from the enemy!’.

We support Your policies for the integrity of our Motherland and the welfare of our people and stand united by You. Every one of us is ready to sacrifice our lives for our land and state.

I heartily congratulate You on Your successes at the front. I am confident that all our occupied territories will shortly be recovered to the last inch. The entire nation believes so because we have a President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief like Yourself and an invincible Army.

Long live the independent Republic of Azerbaijan! May God bless You, our state, and our people!’


From Yagut Nasibova, Aghdam, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

We are eternally grateful to You for the successes of the Azerbaijani Army. God willing, we will add more to our achievements under Your command.

The people of Azerbaijan have longed for these days for many long years. We are grateful to You for bestowing these days upon us. You are our pride and joy.

I wish You and all our people a great joy of victory on behalf of the staff of Mughanli village medical station.

May God protect You and our army! Our prayers are with you.’


From Aygun Aliyeva, Mingachevir, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I thank You for the good news You have been delivering us lately. The people of Azerbaijan believe and trust in Your courage. As someone displaced from Aghdam, I wish You and our strong Army more success on this path of justice.

We believe that the lands we have longed for will soon be completely recovered from the hated enemy and we will return to our native lands.

May God protect You, our Army and our people.’


From Nazim Aslanov, Gabala, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

We, the teaching staff at the Yeni Dizakhli village secondary school named after martyr Arzulla Rahimov in Gabala and the village community, believe in You and our army just like all people of Azerbaijan. We support You wholeheartedly.

Our school is named after a martyr. Our heroes who fought and sacrificed their lives for their Motherland under the motto ‘A land is a Motherland only if there are those who die for it!’ may now rest in peace.

We are confident that after Sugovushan village, Jabrayil and the adjacent villages and the villages of Fuzuli, all other lands will also be recovered from the enemy and our tricolor flag will once again undulate in our ancestral lands!

Your bold statements sting the enemy like arrows and boost our morale. We are all soldiers on a united front.

Victory belongs to Azerbaijan! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Ragib Musayev, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Mr. President,

You are a worthy follower of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the leader of the Turkic world, the genius of Azerbaijan, and our immoral national leader.

The courage and successes of our Army as they cleanse the occupied Azerbaijani lands of rabid Armenians have once again proved that the people of Azerbaijan will never leave the blood of our martyrs unavenged and will not allow for even an inch of our land remain in the enemy claws.

Dear Mr. President, I heartily congratulate You and all our people. I would like to take advantage of this pleasant opportunity to wish You good health, long life, and success in all Your endeavors for the well-being of our people.

God bless You and Your family!

Long live Ilham Aliyev! Long live Azerbaijan!

Karabakh is and will be ours!’


Azərbaycan Ordusunun sentyabrın 27-də işğalçı Ermənistan silahlı qüvvələrinə qarşı başladığı əks-hücum əməliyyatında əldə etdiyi möhtəşəm qələbələr haqqında bundan sonra kitablar yazılacaq, filmlər çəkiləcək. Amma indidən tam əminliklə deyə bilərik ki, cəbhə uğurlarımızın ən başlıca səbəbi Prezident, Ali Baş Komandan İlham Əliyevin həyata keçirdiyi güclü dövlət, güclü ordu strategiyası, milli birlik və döyüşçülərimizin ruh yüksəkliyi idi.