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29 October

International Organisations

GUAM strongly condemns missile attacks on Azerbaijani cities by Armenia

The Secretary General of Organization for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM) issued a statement strongly condemning the missile attacks by the Armenian Armed Forces on the Barda and Tartar regions of Azerbaijan.

The statement was published on GUAM's official Twitter page.

The statement emphasizes that the organization strongly condemns the rocket attack by Armenia on civilian infrastructure facilities in the Barda and Terter...


29 October

Foreign countries

No simple solution for Karabakh conflict, says Russian president

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has no simple solutions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“It is necessary to find a balance of interests of Armenia and Azerbaijan to resolve the conflict,” the Russian president added.

What is Azerbaijan saying? It is saying that these seven regions have nothing to do with the ethnic conflict or Armenia, as these are native Azerbaijani territories. And Azerbaijan says, “We have the right to return these...