31 October

What they wrote to the President

President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev continues to receive letters from Türkiye and various parts of our country.

We present some of them:

From Ali Aras, Ankara, Turkiye,

‘Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to You from Türkiye to declare how proud I am to share the same roots and Motherland as You.

I proudly watch Your righteous struggle and rapid progress, as You overcome all obstacles. Merely expressing my solidarity with my Azerbaijani brothers does not suffice for me, I want to do more for my second Motherland.

Thus, I am writing to You to say that I am ready to do everything in my power both materially and morally, and to express my respect for You.’


From Alvina Jumayeva, Balaken, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

I am writing on behalf of the Balaken youth to let You know that we fully support Your policy. We are rejoiced to see how Your wise decisions have led to the development and prosperity of our country. We are proud of the success of our state, the victories won by our valiant Army, and the worthy retaliation to our enemies, which are all products of Your wise and resolute policy.

May God protect You and our victorious Army!

Victory belongs to us! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Bahlul Yusifov, Gazakh, Azerbaijan

‘Our dearest Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev!

We all wish You good health and further success in Your work. We, the people of Gazakh, support Your wise policy and always stand by You. We are eternally grateful for all the lands we have recovered.

Mr. President, we are confident that our soldiers will liberate all Karabakh lands, allowing the true owners to return, thanks to Your support and care. We trust You and our Army.

Long live our Supreme Commander-in-Chief! Long live the Azerbaijani Army!’


From Rashad Allahverdiyev, Goychay, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I, as an Azerbaijani, am extremely happy about the success we have achieved in these heavy battles for our homeland. I am proud to call myself an Azerbaijani and to have a President like You. It is the absolute truth that many people around the world would very much like to have a President like Yourself, who loves his homeland and people.

I wish You further success and more achievements on this path. I am eternally grateful to You.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Zaur Safarov, Fuzuli, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I thank You on behalf of my family and I for putting an end to our painful longing for the Motherland that has been bleeding in our hearts for almost 30 years. I wish You and every soldier in the Azerbaijani Army good health and more success.

I believe that our mighty army will win under Your leadership and this Victory is very close.

May God help You and our people on our path of justice.

May God protect You, our people, and our army!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!


From Seynur Asgarli, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I thank You for the successes You have achieved in the battles for our lands since 27 September, and all Your courage and sacrifices. You are our pride, Mr. President. I am endlessly proud of You and our Army. I am ever at Your command as a soldier.

I cannot wait for the day when the Azerbaijani Army raises our victorious flag in Shusha and restores historical justice.

Karabakh is ours, Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Zaur Jafarov, Gubadli, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I had never been so happy as when I heard of the liberation of Gubadli and adjacent villages from occupation, even of my own achievements in sports. In 2019, I won the World Championship in Finland and raised our holy Azerbaijani flag on the podium as I faced my defeated Armenian opponent. It was a moment no words could describe. I welled up with the joy of my victory on one side and for our wounded Karabakh on the other. I was literally crying out of one eye and laughing out of the other. I told the Armenian that this revenge would not remain for the afterlife. ‘We have defeated you, the Armenians, on every field possible. We are all awaiting the order by our Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev’, I told him. The order has finally been given and we have shown them to their places.

Mr. President, we are eternally proud of You for the joy that no words can ever describe. You are our Supreme Commander, our President until our very last breath.

Long live Azerbaijan! Long live Ilham Aliyev! Long live Mehriban Aliyeva!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Tehran Heydarov, Fuzuli, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

I am eternally grateful to all soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan for carrying the heavy burden of this war on their shoulders, to our commanders who lead those soldiers into battle, all our officers and generals who have a special service in managing manpower and military equipment in accordance with military regulations on the open battlefield, our Army who is breaking the engineering fortifications of the Armenian armed forces and, most importantly, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev who has managed to discredit the statehood of the Republic of Armenia before the entire world.

I am confident that our valiant Army will soon raise our tricolour flag with the glorious moon and star in occupied Aghdam, Shusha, Lachin, Kalbajar, Khojaly, and Khankendi. The soldiers of the Azerbaijani Army are burning with love for their homeland, flag, state, and people. They will disarm the Armenian soldiers on the open battlefield, having them kneel before the Azerbaijani people, thus achieving the sacred task of throwing the Armenian flag at the feet of the Azerbaijani people.

May God protect You and our victorious army!’


From Ayaz Yolchuyev, Goygol, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

The entire nation applauds Your policy and stands by You until the very end.

Mr. President, as a reserve warrant officer I am asking You to assist me in joining our soldiers in the battles once again. I promise to justify Your trust.

Victory belongs to us; victory is with us!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Narmin Mammadova, Gubadli, Azerbaijan

‘Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

Our homeland Gubadli, which we have longed for these past 28 years, has finally been liberated from the enemy thanks to the determination demonstrated by You and our valiant army. We convey our heartfelt gratitude to You for Your perseverance on this path.

Our beloved President, You have laid the foundation for our current victories on the battlefield and built a strong unity among the people and the state on this foundation. This invincible national unity continues to crush the enemy.

Mr. President, unfortunately the truth-blind world powers and pro-Armenian circles have been mobilizing all their efforts against our country, trying to sway You from our righteous path and influence Your resolute decisions. Yet, there is one important nuance they forget to consider. They keep on forgetting that there is no force in the world that can waver the resolution of the Commander-in-Chief, who is inspired by the unity of the nation, works tirelessly for justice, stays true to his people, and restores the territorial integrity of our Motherland. We are proud of You. May God Almighty protect You and our Army. Victory belongs to us! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Nuraddin Hashimov, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Dear President, Mr. Supreme Commander-in-Chief!

I am writing to You as a resident of Kalbajar. Back in July 1996 when I lived in the Russian Federation, God Almighty gave me the opportunity to meet the true genius of our time, the national leader Heydar Aliyev in Kislovodsk, Stavropol, as I was among the most active members of our diaspora. We had extensively discussed the occupation of Karabakh lands during that meeting, where the Great Leader said: ‘Regardless of where we live, let’s never forget our language or religion. Let’s ever stand with Azerbaijan as a united first.’ My second happiest moment was when I met You at Baku Expo Center in April 2014, where I arrived as a member of the delegation from Stavropol. I once again witnessed what a generous, humanist, and visionary politician You are.

Mr. Commander-in-Chief, I have believed with all my being for 27 years that You will liberate the Karabakh lands from these Armenian fascists.

Mr. President, I wholeheartedly congratulate You for bestowing this joy upon the Azerbaijani people and wish You a long and healthy life. God bless You. I also congratulate all our soldiers and officers. May God always protect You. May our martyrs rest in peace. I offer my deepest condolences to their parents. The martyrs are the children of all of us, all the people of Azerbaijan.

Mr. President, I am ever ready to join the frontline to liberate our lands as Your soldier and take part in reconstructing the occupied regions after liberation as an entrepreneur.

I would like to end with a sincere proposal to the people and state of Azerbaijan: to declare the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for life and erect his golden portrait sculpture in each occupied region in Karabakh!’


From Nijat Aghayev, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Our dear President,

I am proud to have a President like You. Our lands are being recovered thanks to You. You are an exceptionally excellent, visionary, and decisive Leader. World leaders have a lot to learn from You. May God Almighty protect You and Your family!

Long live the Supreme Commander-in-Chief! Long live the Azerbaijani Army!

Karabakh is ours, Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’


From Sohbat Baghirov, Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Our dearest President, victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces,

You are writing glorious new pages in the history of Azerbaijan, as You liberate the historic Azerbaijani land of Karabakh and the adjacent territories from occupation. I have always been confident that we would surely return to those lands one day. That day has arrived!

I wish You further success in all Your work.

Victory belongs to us!’


From Tazagul Rajabov, Aghjabadi, Azerbaijan

‘Dear Mr. President,

I was born to a simple hardworking family. I have witnessed all the wonderful work done by Your father, the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev. I thank You for worthily continuing his wise policy.

My dear President, even though I am sick, I always pray for You. I ask the God Almighty and the Great Prophets to help You. May God bless You. Our entire nation stands in support for You. All the mothers of martyrs consider You their child. I wish You success on this sacred path.’ 

Azərbaycan Ordusunun sentyabrın 27-də işğalçı Ermənistan silahlı qüvvələrinə qarşı başladığı əks-hücum əməliyyatında əldə etdiyi möhtəşəm qələbələr haqqında bundan sonra kitablar yazılacaq, filmlər çəkiləcək. Amma indidən tam əminliklə deyə bilərik ki, cəbhə uğurlarımızın ən başlıca səbəbi Prezident, Ali Baş Komandan İlham Əliyevin həyata keçirdiyi güclü dövlət, güclü ordu strategiyası, milli birlik və döyüşçülərimizin ruh yüksəkliyi idi.